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English antiques have been renowned for many years and are highly coveted by many people because of their intricate designs, the fine woods that were used and the heavy amount of skilled craftsmanship that was employed in creating them. The many different styles of English antique furniture are named after the monarch who reigned during the time that they were created. Many of these styles have very similar elements, but there are some parts that differ between them, such as the legs of the pieces of furniture. Looking at these can enable you to determine exactly what period the English antique is from.

English Antique Furniture Styles

There are many different styles that fit under the English Antique time frame. These types include Tudor, Jacobean, Cromwellian, Carolean, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Early Georgian, Mid Georgian, later Georgian and Regency in that order.
For the most part, all of these periods have similar styles of furniture with a few key changes. Antique English furniture from the Tudor period utilizes oak woods, along with very detailed carvings and inlays of very fine wood. Jacobean Period furniture also used oak wood, but incorporated walnut as well. During the Cromwell period, furniture was also built using beautiful oak and walnut wood, but was then accented with elegant inlays of materials like mother of pearl, ivory and bone for a unique look. Walnut wood was still very prominent during the Carolean period as well. The wood was then accented by veneers, marquetry inlays, lacquers and the use of silver pieces.

The Georgian Period was when gilded pieces and marble came into fashion, as well as imported woods like Virginia red walnut and brilliant Mahogany. Thomas Chippendale was a master furniture builder during the Mid-Georgian period who utilized imported woods heavily. The Later Georgian period featured a few notable superstars of English antique furniture making who used such features as rams heads, feet and husks, chairs with backs in heart or shield shapes and oval shell inlays made out of satinwood. The Regency period was very adventurous in design, utilizing everything from influences of Greek and Roman gods, Egyptian features, and Chinese colors and patterns.

Add Timeless Elegance to Your Home with English Antiques

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