Using Reed Diffusers to Bring Perfume to a Room

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Though the idea of using reed diffusers to transmit perfumes found in essential oils into the air is relatively new, using the natural perfumes found in them to fragrance a room extends back many centuries in a number of cultures.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, generally by a process of distillation, and contain naturally occurring scents. Maximising the potential of these powerful scents is key in the ancient practice of aromatherapy. The oils are valued for their aromatic properties that are believed to help change a person's mind and mood for the better, as well as forming part of holistic approaches to treating certain illnesses.
However for a long time, the method of producing these natural odours has been achieved by heating the oils to a temperature where the fragrances are slowly emitted into the air. This is not always a safe or appropriate way in many modern households and as such, the method of using reeds to transmit the smells has become ever-more popular in domestic settings.

If there's no heat, how does it work?

The reeds used to transmit the diffuser oil are made from rattan, as a natural material that has fantastic permeable qualities that exist through its entire length. To make the process possible, the diffuser oil must be refined so that it can be soaked up by the reed and travel up through the pores to be omitted into the air around it.

With modern refinement techniques, the make-up of these natural oils remains similar to the original substance, so the organic properties of the essential oils remain fully intact. The smell created in any setting is both natural and long lasting, with the added bonus of making an attractive (and even intriguing) feature on a shelf or mantle piece in the home.

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