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Weddings usually have a certain dress code, to which all attendees are expected to follow. Although no one actually mentions it, any extremes of your personal style are to be reined in to conform to the unwritten regulations of the day. Outfits have to be quite understated, stylish of course, but not so outlandish or bright that they take any of the attention away from the bride on her most special day. Despite the fact that we have to tone down our personal style as far as the main piece of the outfit, such as a dress or a suit, there is still a way to inject your personality into your outfit without breaking any of those unwritten conventions.

Make a Statement

Traditionally women were always expected to wear hats to weddings, whether they were part of the main wedding party or not. Over recent years the demand for hats has declined and there has been a rise in the wearing of fascinators. A fascinator can be described as a piece of decorative headwear that is attached to a head band or comb, and worn in place of a hat.
A fascinator can be made from feathers, silk or any other material and can be embellished with beads and crystals, whatever you need to express your individuality and compliment your outfit. There are no rules regarding the design of the fascinator and this is one area in which you can really express your personal style.

Don't Break the Bank

A designer fascinator does not have to cost a lot of money, with a little bit of artistic flair anyone can make one. There is no set design template to be followed, and you can incorporate as many different elements as you wish, until you feel satisfied that the piece is complete. Plus, if you make it yourself you can be sure that you piece will be unique and will compliment your outfit perfectly. One thing to bear in mind though, is that you could make something so unique that you will be answering questions all day about it, and may be drawn into making more for your friends.
Fascinators are certainly interesting, thatís for sure, and with so many different designs to choose from you should have no problem finding one that reflects your personal style.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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