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Kitchens are very important areas within homes and many consumers are eager to ensure they look superb and are highly practical. With this in mind, a considerable number of individuals may be considering making their kitchen dining areas open plan. To help them complete the look, they might opt to fit solid beech worktops.

According to a report in the Express & Star, open plan living is “all the rage”. It added that this is particularly the case for kitchen-diners because “they’re a sociable space, perfect for entertaining friends and family, and also a space where all the family can be together at the same time, even if they’re doing different things”.

However, the news source went on to note that there are a number of practical issues for homeowners to bear in mind. As well as considering the design details of their new spaces, such as the beech worktops they may wish to install, it is important to consider structural stability.
It said: “If you have a separate kitchen and dining room (or another room that could be put to better use) next to each other, creating one big kitchen-diner is a great way to enhance your home, but it’s not simply a case of getting out your sledge hammer and letting the wall have it.”

Before consumers reach this stage, they need to establish what types of walls are involved. It noted that stud-partition walls, which are usually made from plasterboard over a wooden frame, are straightforward to remove. However, partition walls, which are generally made from bricks, can be supporting. Meanwhile, structural walls should never be taken down without supports being added in their place, the article pointed out.

Thankfully, there is plenty of help at hand. Whether consumers are after solid beech worktops, assistance with structural issues or anything else, they should not struggle to achieve their goals. For example, many people head online to source new beech worktops and other items for their homes.

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