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Ah, living in a small town in the countryside, or on that “rustic” side of the city, in Ottawa, near the park, the baseball diamond, the golf course! That’s such a lovely Ottawa location! When the warmer weather comes in and Spring is in the air or Summer dances through the senses, it is so delightful to hear the sounds of the men out golfing on business meetings or for the weekend...the children out playing a sandlot baseball game or doing Little League practice...the sound of breaking glass....

What? Breaking glass? “That’s my window!”

Hey, living rustically or near the recreational parks isn’t always idyllic! If you have ever had a baseball or golf ball come through your second-story window, you know what we mean. You may have hit a few of those through other people’s windows yourself in days gone by...
Since 1976, we have specialized in Ottawa window replacement. In fact, whether you need replacement doors or replacement windows, Ottawa resident, our company knows exactly what to do for you in any situation! If you’re living near the baseball diamond or the golf course, soon enough you’re probably going to need door or window replacement. Ottawa residents have relied on us and found that we often exceed their demanding expectations through the decades.

Why do we claim to be the best in Ottawa window replacement? Well, for just one thing, we know what our experience is. At the time of this writing, we’ve replaced over 100,000 windows, and doors, since the mid-1970s. Our expertise with Ottawa window replacement, not to mention door replacement, keeps netting us more and more customers, too. Perhaps it's because our one-of-a-kind Armor windows and Portatec doors exceed even the guidelines of Canada's Energy Star Program. Perhaps it’s because we understand that going above and beyond the mere basic needs and demands of Ottawa window replacement is what makes us stay in business and thrive.

If you live in Toronto or Ottawa, window replacement due to the smashing of baseballs or golf balls isn’t going to be your only concern or need, and we know it. The harsh weather conditions can warp window frames and door frames. How many of you residing in the area find that your doors or windows just let that cold air right in, or let your expensive air conditioning leak out in the warmer days of the year? Window frames and panes, and door fittings, in the past weren’t as efficient as they are today, because the technology was lacking. At our modern-day company, however, we have been known to save Toronto and Ottawa residents as much as 30% annually off their energy bills with our state of the art, professionally installed replacement windows and doors.

When it comes to replacement doors and replacement windows, Ottawa residents have great needs. Whether it’s because of accidents like those mentioned above, or just due to the weather and the climate, Ottawa window replacement is in high demand. If you are a local resident, contact us for a free estimate for all of your Ottawa window replacement and door replacement needs.
Ottawa Window Replacement the premier doors and windows replacement & installation company in Ottawa. We have more than 20 years of experience with presence in 11 & more countries.

Article By: Mike Handsbee

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