The Return of the Family Dining Room

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Over the past decade or so, the family dining room seems to have fallen by the wayside. As technology has allowed us freedom to do whatever we want, wherever we want, we have also taken this approach to meals too, eating when and where we like, as opposed to gathering the family together for meals.

Disparate and hectic lifestyles have also played a part. The dissolution of 9-5 working hours and the ability for more of us to do far more in far less time has meant that it is harder to actually ensure that the family are able to sit down at the table together.

However, things are slowly taking a change for the better and more modern furniture is aimed at making the family dining room an attractive proposition once more.
In recent years, more people ate in kitchens, in living rooms or even in bedrooms, leading to families feeling far less like a tight unit than families of old. However, modern dining room furniture is making a big comeback which has led many to assume that the tide really is changing.

The answer is yes, but the reason is actually as much to do with modern furniture as it is to do with family focus. Whilst over the past few years many people have looked to utilise dining rooms for other purposes, transforming the room into something else altogether, smaller modern dining room furniture has meant that it is possible to have a dining table in any room you like and in turn to have a place for all the family to get together and eat without feeling as though a whole room is being wasted for just one meal a day.

With families leading ever busier lives, the ability to go back to eating together has been extremely welcome for most and, as such, more and more are following suit. So the dining room is indeed making a comeback. However, it may well just be in a whole different room.

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