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Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical. At some point the dresses you wore in your teens will come back into fashion and that is exactly what has happened with the maxi dress. These full-length dresses, which are usually elasticated or cinched at the waist, flatter the figure of a lot of women, so it is little wonder they are popular again.

The last time they were in style it was the 60s. To start with, they were mostly worn by hippy chicks, but slowly but surely, they evolved. Soon they were being worn everywhere. Today, that is also the case.

The Maxi Dress is Flexible
The maxi dress comes in a huge array of fabrics. Currently, floral maxi dresses are particularly popular. When the fabric is light and flowing, they look great at the office or on the street. When it is warm enough you can even wear them for a night out on the town. Pairing a floral dress with a plain jacket keeps you warmer and gives you a slightly more formal look.

However, if you are planning a more formal night out, such as a dinner date a plain maxi dress with the right accessories works really well. A clutch bag, high heels and dress jewellery turns the right maxi dress into a beautiful evening gown. If it is a little cold, you can add a jacket or better still a light shawl to keep you warm.

Maxi Dresses Suit All Figure Types

The cut of maxi dresses vary, so if you have a fuller figure you can choose one that skims the bumps and gives you extra height. If you are stick thin, you can choose one with a tightly cinched waist and that flows over the hips. The result is that you get a more voluptuous looking figure. You can show off your arms or keep them covered up. Which kind of neckline you choose is also entirely up to you too.
They even look great when you are pregnant. The elasticated waist gives you the space you need to feel comfortable. By choosing the fabric carefully, you can look and feel great.

CC Fashion has a great selection of plain and floral maxi dresses. They also sell a great range of accessories and other women's clothes.

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