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With temperatures dropping by the day and winter beginning in earnest it is about that time when some of us turn our attentions to firewood Scotland. If you have a gas or electric fire in your house then obviously you do not need to invest in timber for burning. However despite the advent of modern technology many people in the country still burn firewood Scotland and coal to heat up their homes.
Ask anyone with a fireplace used for burning firewood Scotland and they will tell you that there is nothing quite like feeling the heat from a real fire on those cold winter evenings. Log fires get their name from the fact that logs are used to assist with the burning so when you think about all the people who use wood to burn on in their fireplaces in the country you can see why firewood Scotland remains so highly sought after. Advocates of traditional fireplaces would say that they are much nicer than modern units. Indeed it is not just homeowners who think a firewood of coal fireplace adds a certain piquant vibe to a room absent from gas or electric alternatives; hotels and pubs and other commercial enterprises often have a roaring fire going in the winter months to add to the character of a space.
Along with the likes of coal and kindling, firewood Scotland is an essential accessory when it comes to getting fires going. It is usually made from lower grade wood than the likes of timber fencing Scotland and is cut into sizeable chunks which can take a long time to burn out. The key when it comes to storing firewood is keeping it protected from water. Wet firewood Scotland just does not burn anything like as well as its dry counterpart so ensure your firewood Scotland is under shelter if you are keeping it outdoors.
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