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Landscaping is all around us, but does not really register with most people. It is not something we give much thought to, however, it is actually quite important.

More than Aesthetics

The way the land surrounding a property is landscaped affects more than the way that property looks. However, it also has an impact on now usable and practical a building is.
A home or commercial building that is set in a poorly designed landscape may have access issues. It may also be vulnerable to flooding. This is especially important if the lay of the land does not ensure that water does not drain towards the building. It could be cold and dark, even in the summer because tall trees are planted too close to the building or banking around the property is too high.

However, landscaping is not all about green spaces it includes practical spaces like parking and access roads, which all buildings need. A commercial or residential property without adequate parking will cause problems for neighbouring properties as well as not being practical for its occupants.

The Impact of Landscaping on a Property's Value

When it comes to how valuable or marketable a property is, looks are especially important. A property, be it residential or commercial, that sits in nice surroundings is always going to appeal more than one set in a scruffy or rough landscape.
The way a property looks is important for those that use that property too. When someone looks out of the window, they need a pleasant and relaxing vista to look at. Naturally, homeowners want their garden to be an oasis, but this can also be important for the owners of commercial or public buildings.

Providing workers with a nice outdoor space to enjoy lunch helps them to unwind making them more efficient when they return to work. When potential customers visit commercial premises, the way that premises looks makes an impression. A business that is set in well-maintained and appealing surroundings makes a far better impression than one set in bare drab industrial surroundings.

Considering all this, it makes sense to get landscaping right. A little money spent on doing so will pay dividends and continue to do so for decades.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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