The Importance of Keeping Your Chimney Clean

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No matter what type of stove you have, keeping your chimney clean will be hugely important. Without the right approach to cleaning your chimney, eventually the build-up inside can lead to chimney fires or even, in some cases, carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are many ways to keep a chimney clean and you can choose between employing a chimney sweep to do this for you or getting specialist products and tools to allow you to do this yourself.

Older fires may create far more smoke and may therefore need cleaning far more often. In such cases, it may be worth looking at new stoves online to see which produce fewer emissions and in turn will ensure that your chimney does not need cleaning as much. By buying new stoves online you may pay out slightly more in one go, but over time you may well actually save a huge amount of money and get a brand new stove in the process.
For many, multi fuel stoves may be the best option as these will allow you to change which fuels you burn and in turn choose whether or not you want to limit the regularity with which your chimney will need cleaning or instead simply opt for the fuel which is the cheapest or burns the most effectively to create the best ambience within your home.

Whether you choose to buy new multi fuel stoves or not, you will still need to at least check your chimney regularly. The start of autumn will often be the best time to thoroughly clean your chimney, as the residue within the chimney will have hardened over the summer months.

For those looking to get a stove for the first time, checking the state of the chimney in advance is important. Older chimneys may have cracks, which could cause problems, and you may need to take the time to remedy such problems before you install your stove.

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