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The British really love their gardens. Despite the lack of good weather in this country, most of us enjoy spending time in our gardens when we can. This means that most of us will be very good about maintaining our gardens, in order to ensure that they look good all year round. Of course, gardening is not an easy task; there is grass to be cut, weeds to be pulled, leaves to be raked and bushes to be pruned and that is just a few of the tasks which lay ahead for any gardener. Not only that, but once you have carried out all of your gardening tasks, you are then faced with all of the green waste which has been produced as a result of your efforts.

Garden Rubbish Clearance Is Important

Once you have done all of your gardening chores, the sheer amount of garden waste you can often be left with is mind boggling. Of course, this waste needs to be cleared from your garden as soon as possible. Not only will a big heap of garden rubbish make your garden look untidy after all of your hard work, but it could also attract pests such as rats and mice to your garden and these animals can carry some pretty nasty diseases. Therefore, it is very important that you should undertake a garden rubbish clearance as soon as possible.
Methods Of Garden Rubbish Clearance

There are three main ways in which you can clear the garden waste from your garden. These are:

Skip hire
Professional Rubbish Clearance

Composting is a great idea and it is environmentally friendly too, but it is only really a viable option if you have a large enough space to start a discreet compost heap which many people do not. Then there is always the problem of being overwhelmed by so much garden waste that it is not viable to compost it all.
Skip hire is another option for garden rubbish clearance, however, the hiring of a skip is very expensive and skip hire companies will often not dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally friendly way, which is very important for any waste disposal.

Then, you are left with the option of hiring a professional rubbish clearance firm to dispose of your green waste. This is a great option as rubbish clearance firms offer an affordable service for garden rubbish removal and they will dispose of your green waste in the best possible way. Most good rubbish clearance firms will come to your property and collect all of your rubbish for you, so you do not even have to lift a finger to help them dispose of the waste. They will then load the green waste onto their van and take it away to a facility where it can properly be disposed of. Good firms will recycle as much of the materials as possible, rather than just dumping all of the waste in landfill, which is never the best option when disposing of green waste, or any rubbish for that matter.

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