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It is possible to purchase garden furniture made from many different materials including a variety of natural woods. However, if you are looking for the greatest possible combination of both strength and good looks then teak is arguably the best choice you can make. Teak garden furniture includes many of the items of garden furniture that the modern homeowner demands and it provides them in a great looking finish that is designed to last.

Teak is indigenous to South Eastern Asia and is impervious to the elements. This means that it can be left out in virtually any elemental conditions without the worry of it corroding or fading. The dense grain means that it will not rot even when left out in the winter while the oily nature of the wood helps further improve the rot resistance of teak garden furniture.

One of the greatest concerns with garden furniture is how best to store it during winter. Some owners have the benefit of extensive summer house space or garage room, while others have to bring their garden furniture indoors. Even left untreated, teak furniture does not need to be brought indoors even in the harshest winter months. However, to retain the best looks for your furniture you may choose to varnish or treat it and you can move it into a covered space if you wish.

Wood is comfortable in a variety of settings and conditions, even when other furniture materials may prove too hot or too cold to offer somewhere comfortable to relax. The teak material does not retain heat or cold so even if the furniture has been out all night in very cold conditions, or during the day in extremely hot conditions, it will be comfortable to sit on.

Teak garden furniture is even considered one of the most econ friendly options. The furniture you choose can last for many years; some benches have survived a 100 years or more and this means that it does not need replacing. You should ensure that the teak furniture you choose is ethically sourced; doing so means that you can enjoy guilt free, comfortable, good looking, and long lasting enjoyment from your new garden furniture set.

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