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The economy is still sluggish, but painters and decorators are still doing OK, especially in the domestic sector. With the housing market becalmed home owners are giving up moving and instead doing up their existing properties, which is great news for tradesmen cashing in on all the work. It's certainly not a bad trade to be in right now.

These guys are professionals. Their decorating tools are very different to what DIY enthusiasts get out of the shed on a Sunday afternoon. In order to paint and finish to an exceptional standard, they need high calibre tools and supplies to do a professional job.

Decorating supplies like this cost serious money. These guys work with the very best and that means shelling out serious cash for the privilege. Anything that can help save them money helps them to protect their profit margins and offer more competitive rates to their customers. Being a good painter and decorator isn't just about having the right skills, it's about having a head for business too.
Every self employed decorator needs a reliable supplier of the high end decorating tools that they need. When they are short of an item or need to replace something in a hurry, they need to know where to turn and where they can get it at a competitive price. A quality outfit is stocked with all kinds of decorating tools, supplies and work wear. A one stop shop where tradesmen can pick up anything and everything, from roller refills to dust sheets, paint brushes to decorating knives.

Trade 1st can help. Decorators can find and order everything they need online. Armed with the right tools at the right price, decorators can do a great job for their customers and offer them competitive prices. It's great to know where to turn for new supplies and replacement tools.

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