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Since legislation was introduced in the UK which protects persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire and injury, you should use electricians Edinburgh with the relevant qualifications.

If you're looking for electricians Edinburgh, you should ensure they are competent, qualified and fully insured. NICEIC registered electricians Edinburgh are able to carry out any minor or major work in your property. Registered electricians Edinburgh are more likely to work to a high standard particularly if they certify their own work as it would mean they are liable for the work they've completed.

The type of electrician required will depend on the type of work needed in the property. For smaller jobs, you or the electricians Edinburgh will not need to notify the LABC or council to verify that the work has been carried out in compliance with building regulations. However minor work carried out by electricians Edinburgh should be tested to ensure the electrics are safe to operate and finished to a high standard.
PAT testing Edinburgh is one way of confirming that the electrical circuits are undamaged and in safe working order. PAT testing Edinburgh should be inspected and tested by electricians Edinburgh who are registered or qualified to carry out these inspections.

Minor work could include replacing or fixing electrical equipment that does not require fixing new cables or a consumer unit, replacing control devices on existing control wiring or pneumatic pipes, replacing a fan, or electrics not in the kitchen, adding light fittings to an existing circuit or adding sockets to an existing ring or radial circuit.

Major work or work carried out in high risk areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and gardens should be carried out by electricians Edinburgh registered with an organisation that issues self-certification schemes. Once the major work is complete, the electricians Edinburgh will report the details to the scheme organisation who will notify the LABC.

Major electricians Edinburgh work could include complete or partial rewiring or cabling, alterations or additions to electrical installations in bathrooms kitchens or extensions, replacing or installing consumer units, install service or certify smoke alarms, electrical heating repairs.
If you’re wanting to see what electricians Edinburgh has to offer, look no further than You’ll also be able to find the PAT testing Edinburgh can present to you.

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