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Whether you are a professional roofer or an insulation specialist you will need to find a regular and constant supply of the best quality loft insulation products. While the simplest, and often most effective form of loft insulation tends to come on a roll and is placed on the floor level of the loft there are actually many other options. Depending on the design of the roof and the loft as well as the requirements of your customer you should choose the most appropriate form of loft insulation.

Non-itch loft insulation is easy to install and completely safe. It is free from irritants and will not lead to you itching when installing it. Nor will it cause the homeowner to endure similar discomfort. Available in a roll, it is very easy to fit and the work can be completed in very little time at all. This makes loft rolls one of the most beneficial options in most cases.

Roof underlay creates a protective barrier below the roof tiles and above the loft. It is so weather resistant that it can actually be used as a temporary roof covering. Such a barrier can help to prevent the detrimental affects of the cold as well as rain and other wintry conditions. This is a good choice for contractors working on new builds or for roofers that are working on a new roof installation.
There are many other loft insulation products available too. Choose between flexible materials like sheeting or the more rigid boards and hard foil. Different products will usually have different applications so you should consider exactly how you will use it and exactly the design of the loft on which you are working. This will help to ensure that you buy the right item for the job.

Loft insulation should be considered a vital addition to any home. It prevents the loss of heating and energy, cuts energy spend, improves the living conditions within a home, and provides a property with an improved energy rating. Consult with your clients to determine how, where, and when the installation is required because this will help you choose the right products.

Contact for details on our extensive range of loft insulation products. Whatever your client's needs we can provide the products to help you meet them.

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