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Once upon a time the bride was the one with an outfit that everyone took any interest in; it literally stole the show and everyone else looked on in awe. Modern weddings however have the mother of the bride putting as much effort into finding her perfect outfit for her daughter's big day, as her daughter does herself. It seems to be that a whole new market has opened up to accommodate the demand for mother of the bride dresses, and it appears to be quite a profitable one too.

A Winning Formula

When you take on the role of the mother of the bride you want an outfit that symbolises your place of importance within the wedding party, and shows your status and that you are proud to be at her side on her big day. You need an outfit that makes you feel like royalty, sets you apart from the rest of the guests and shows that you are partly responsible for the success of the day itself.
Many of these outfits incorporate long line jackets over shift dresses or long floaty skirts. The emphasis is placed on stylish and soft, after all the maternal nature of the role needs to be reflected in the outfit itself. Colours of these specially designed outfits tend to be in muted colours like a powdered duck egg blue for example, or have soft floral accents, nothing too harsh or too bold.

Completing the Outfit

Due to the fact that many of the mothers of the bride dresses, these days, are made entirely for that specific purpose, they are made with a range of matching accessories to go along with them, like hats in the same colour, using accents from the main outfit. Jewellery that compliments the style of the outfit and even matching shoes and hand bags that give the whole ensemble a more tailored and designer feel. Everything about the way the mother of the bride outfits are designed gives them a certain look, a certain style that simply says 'I am the mother of the bride', eliminating any doubt in the minds of any of the guests.

Now that mother of the bride dresses are so widespread you should easily be able to find one that is perfect and that fits in well with your daughter’s big day.

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