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For many working people a cat is the ideal companion. They are loving, curious, fun and best of all they don't need constant round the clock attention. Of course they need looking after, but versus their canine counterparts they are far less intensive. People can go out to work all day and a cat will happily amuse itself at home or around the neighbourhood.

Responsible owners have a check list of all the things they need to buy when they decide it's time for a new feline companion. They don't need much to keep them happy though. First up they love to sleep. They are more than capable of sleeping for most of the day, so they need somewhere warm and safe where they can curl up and rest. It gives them a real sense of security.

When it comes to cat accessories a collar is absolutely essential. Some owners like to fit them with a bell to make their pet a less effective hunter. Some sort of identification disc doesn't go amiss either. If the animal gets lost then whoever finds them can all the number on the tag and return it to its owner. No one wants to lose their animal.
Cat accessories should include toys too. These are animals that love to play. They love to chase things so little clockwork toys are great. They'll need some food and water dishes too. Once everything has been bought it's time to welcome the new pet to the home. It might take them a little while to settle in, but soon enough they'll love their new surroundings.

They might be independent, but they are still very loving and incredibly rewarding pets to own. They are great company and very entertaining. Give them everything they need and they'll have a long, happy and healthy life.

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