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If you choose to keep your cat indoors, it is important know that they will need to be looked after in a slightly different way to any pet that is allowed outdoors. Not only are you likely to wish to offer your pet different food if they are kept in the house all day every day, but you are also going to need to make sure they are mentally and physically stimulated, to ensure they don’t become depressed or overweight.

There are specific types of dry cat food that have been formulated with indoor cats in mind. Not only do they include certain vitamins and minerals that an indoor cat might not get by being kept from the outside, but they also help to reduce hairball formation, are low in calories to keep your pet at the right weight (despite them often getting less exercise than their outdoor counterparts), and special ingredients to reduce stool odour. As any owner of indoor cats will know, this last point can be a godsend.

However, there is more than just cat food to take into account when looking after an indoor pet. You need to ensure they have plenty of space, and plenty of places to sleep. A scratching post will be very important, as will a range of different toys to play with. However, make sure you change toys regularly to ensure they are constantly being stimulated and challenged.
Also, be aware that you will be the cat’s main companion, so be sure to not only play with it regularly yourself, but also show it a huge amount of love too.

Some people feel that keeping cats indoors is cruel, but so long as they are looked after in the right way, get the right food and are offered the right stimulation, they are likely to be far safer indoors and be equally as happy, if not more so.

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