Light Performance And Princess Cut Diamonds

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Princess cut diamonds are hugely popular for a variety of reasons. It is often referred to as a square modified brilliant cut because of its shape, having a large square or rectangular face that lets in a large amount of light. The body of the diamond is best thought of as being an inverted pyramid, with four beveled sides beneath. This shape gives it an exceptional amount of character when it comes to dealing with light - an all important aspect of diamonds. It shares a lot of characteristics with its near cousin, the ever-popular round brilliant cut diamond, however, when it comes to light performance princess cut diamonds are wholly unique. Fortunately, it still maintains the same high degree of brilliance that has made the round brilliant so popular.

The squared face of the diamond makes it particularly noticeable in a ring. Combining the elegant curves of a ring with the more angular diamond is a nice juxtaposition, particularly if the ring is designed to allow the diamond as much light as possible. Many of our princess cut diamond rings have four claws to hold the diamond up while also sturdily holding it in place. This can allow light to enter from the sides as well as above which can only improve the light performance of the ring. We have different options for the metal that will be coupled with the diamond including platinum and yellow gold. The yellow gold is a beautiful option, but since rings that make use of one large princess cut diamond are usually sold as engagement rings, it might be good to think about what colour you may want your wedding rings to be before investing.

When inspecting the various different diamonds that are used in princess cut diamond rings, it is important to understand how the diamond uses light. There are typically three properties that a diamond can exhibit and with a princess cut like this, you should expect all three in abundance. Brilliance is the amount of white light that can be internalised by the diamond, thus making it seem lit up. The better able a diamond is to retain light, the more pure and sought after it is. The second property is fire. Diamonds have the ability to split white light into its rainbow spectrum which is something you may notice when viewing a diamond. Thirdly, diamonds also exhibit scintillation which are those small flickers of light that you notice when a diamond is moved. This twinkle can include some fire as well. The more the diamond produces these traits, typically the more expensive it will be.
At Marlows we stock the best possible diamonds available in each price range. It is worth remembering, however, that a diamond will last and pay you back, particularly if the entire ring is well looked after. While diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet, they can be scratched by other diamonds, so it is worth bearing this in mind if it is to be coupled with a wedding ring.

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