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A kitchen splash panel is typically placed behind the cooker in order to catch grease, dirt, and food spills that might occur. They protect the wall behind the cooker while preventing a build up of dirt which can, if left unchecked over time, lead to illness and cause further damage to the kitchen. Of course, a kitchen splash panel can be used in other ways too, and this is further supported by the great range of colours and finishes combined with the strength and other features offered by kitchen splash panels.

A kitchen splash panel is designed to protect your kitchen. The most common use for such a panel is as a splash back behind the cooker. The panel is attached to the wall and collects any grease and other debris that may find its way towards the wall. The panel is designed to be easy to clean as well as attractive so a quick wipe is typically all that's required.

A vitreous enamel kitchen slash panel is considered extremely strong and durable. Steel and glass are melted down in order to create the enamel material and this means that vitreous panels are much stronger but still lighter than pure glass panels. It also means that the panels can be created in virtually any shape and dimensions that you require.
A kitchen splash panel can enjoy other uses too. It's strength and durability mean that it can even be used as a countertop. If you don't want the whole counter made from vitreous you could have a chopping section added to an existing unit. It is very easy to clean and considered extremely hygienic which means that it makes the perfect chopping and food preparation surface.

It is even possible to have a bespoke kitchen splash panel created. Corporate shoppers can have their logo or company image placed on the panel before it is installed which can offer a great looking, branded splash panel for use in a commercial kitchen. This does need to be done as the vitreous enamel is formed, however, otherwise damage could be done by attempting to further cut or shape the material.

Contact for more information on our extensive range of top quality kitchen splash panel designs. We use vitreous enamel because we love it and we know that you will enjoy the great benefits too.

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