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 If you spend any time outside you know that sun-damage is hard to avoid. People go out in droves during the summer to enjoy the freedom of being outdoors. We choose to ignore however, all of the damage inflicted on our skin and hair by the heat and UV rays, not to mention the possibility of dehydration. It is a must to protect yourself from the harsh rays and sometimes drinking and suntan lotion does not always cut it. No need to throw in your beach towel yet, because we’ve found the perfect solution to the seasonal dilemma.

A lot of people try to beat the summer heat by relaxing poolside. Combining work and play, swimming is the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax. You get the chance to cool off in the water as well as getting in some exercise without working up a sweat. When you submerge entirely into cool waters of a pool, you are keeping your body out of harm’s way and enjoying the reduction of your body temperature. Now, if you could keep that in-water experience going out of the water, sun and humidity would no longer be an issue.

Pool fog can make this a reality. Pool fog systems are ingeniously designed to improve the atmosphere, landscape, and humidity of your pool area. Making a summertime classic even better, the natural fog mechanism solves all the warm weather problems you might encounter. Here’s how it works: Pressurized water is forced through specially created nozzles. Out of these nozzles comes a fine, delicate mist in a gentle yet steady flow. The mist is comprised entirely of water broken down into minuscule droplets, each of which is smaller than a single grain of salt. These water droplets suspend themselves in the air, making a beautiful tropical effect appear all round your pool and surrounding area. As the mist descends and evaporates the temperature is decreased by up to 30 Fahrenheit.

How does pool fog actually protect you from sun damage? By replenishing the moisture in your hair and skin as it evaporates on you, pool fog has visible benefits. Frizzy, brittle and unmanageable tresses are the result of the heat of summer. When your hair isn’t dried out, you can see how much healthier and vibrant it is. Also, you’ll love how soft your skin is without even using creams or lotions, just by diminishing the amount of natural moisture you lose from sunbathing. Additionally, by keeping your body cool with mist while in the sun you can maintain a normal internal temperature, meaning you’ll feel refreshed rather than worn out after a day by the pool.

With bad hair days a thing of the past, flawless skin, and a feeling of rejuvenation, you’ll find keeping your summer styling is easier than ever. No more drowning your hair in products to get the moisture it needs and creams and foundations won’t live in your medicine chest any longer. Your body will thank you for keeping it healthy and gorgeous and summer can finally be properly embraced for all of its virtue and merit.

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