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If you have a garden space you want to brighten up quickly, instant hedges are a great way of doing it. They bring a shock of green to an area as well as providing privacy.

Hedging can also be used to better define the various areas of a garden. It does not have to be high to do so. Putting hedging around a vegetable plot is a great way of making it fit well into a regular residential garden. These need not be more than eight to ten inches high. However, instant hedges can be much higher if that is what you need.

How are Instant Hedges Possible?
Instant hedges are possible because mature plants are used rather than young ones. Planting mature plants means that they have already reached a significant height and that they are relatively wide.

There are many varieties of hedging plants that can withstand being transplanted. Many garden firms grow hedging plants to maturity in pots. This ensures that they are easy to transport and that the roots do not have to be cut to allow them to be moved and replanted elsewhere.

Where to buy Instant Hedges

Mature plants are usually quite big and heavy; therefore, it is wise to employ a proper landscaping firm to plant them. Because the plants are mature their root ball is quite big. This means that the holes needed also have to be large and deep. Therefore, creating an instant hedge is not really a DIY project. It is far easier to employ a landscaping firm to do the work for you. In the end, it can work out cheaper. The contractors will use light machinery to dig the holes, which will save you spending hours digging them. This is time you can use to do some overtime in order to pay the gardening firm.
With instant hedges it is especially important to buy good quality hedging plants. Doing so ensures that the hedge will take root properly and grow well. Plants that have not been looked after properly will not be able to withstand being transplanted. Once planted it is important to take care of your hedge, particularly in the first year.

To find out more about instant hedges visit the Stewart Landscape website. They sell a wide range of hedging and offer a full landscaping service.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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