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Tired of looking at blank walls in your garden and desperate for a spot of colour for a change? Tried using containers in the past and hung pots on projecting arms but found the results to be woefully inadequate? Don’t despair because Blooming High wall planting modules could provide you with a light, bright colourful display. Easy to install Blooming High products are just as simple to fit as the latest lawn edging solutions and they deliver wonderful results.

Blooming High systems help you to create vertical gardens on any sized plot. They can be bought in kit form and Blooming High planters are a brilliant solution if you’re bored with looking at blank walls in your garden and fancy a bit of a change.

What do you need to create a Blooming High display?
Buy a selection of Blooming High modules from a supplier of lawn edging products and the only extra thing you’ll have to buy is compost and a selection of plants. Each module in the Blooming High system comes with it’s own steel frame, a grow tray, plastic lid and mesh top, you’ll be provided with irrigation string, fixtures and fittings plus an irrigation line that connects to a water tank or directly to the water supply if you prefer.

Full fitting instructions are provided with the Blooming High modules and you can create displays as large as you like simply by fitting additional modules next to and above one another.

Blooming High products are brilliant for all sizes of gardens

It doesn’t matter how large or small your garden is it’ll be given a new lease of life thanks to Blooming High modules. Long expanses of walled sections look amazing when Blooming High systems are fitted to them and smaller garden areas are given an injection of colour thanks to the practical and extremely versatile systems.
Fit Blooming High modules and they’ll provide you with many years of pleasure when fresh flowers are planted into the trays. They’re just as clever as lawn edging products and just as easy to install, you don’t need any specialist skills to fit vertical gardens that look blooming marvelous.

We decided to use Blooming High wall mounted planting modules from for our vertical garden. We’ve used Keepos in the past for Smartedgelawn edging and were impressed by their service.

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