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Scared of climbing up the stairs in your home? You are definitely not alone. Unconfirmed reports of tests carried out on a random group of subject in the age group of 45-50 has revealed that an overwhelming 30% of the subjects were worried about one thing or the other related with climbing stairs in their homes as well as in public places.

Why people lose balance while climbing up or downstairs?
Falling, slipping or tripping on steps is not uncommon. This happens due to several reasons broadly classified by medical professional with the term ‘balance disorder’. Imbalance in movement or ambulation is brought about by the combination of several factors some clearly pathological, others deeply psychological that cannot be rectified without professional attention. Among common reasons of loss of balance is ear infection or prominent injuries to the brain of the subject. Experiments and observations suggest that even temporary injury to the brain of a person maybe enough to induce significantly disequilibrium in sufferers.

Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease also report feeling dizzy while navigating steps. Pregnant women have been complaining of nauseating during their accents or descents. In some very rare cases, fluid in the spinal cord causes similar issues. Hypotension is also a known factor of making people unstable.
The human brain is the seat of all activity. It is the brain that relies on inputs provided by sensors in the brain that keeps a person standing upright. Any anomaly in the brain or the aural sensors can sabotage the balance mechanism. Such problems should be given immediate attention. Seek the help of trained neurosurgeons and specialists if you think you have been nauseating & suffering from bouts of vertigo recently. It could be anything from a slight ear-infection to something very severe like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s’

Caring For a Sufferer
A person who loses orientation is in no condition to walk much less climb stairs without anyone watching over. However, modern lifestyle has made it impossible for people to keep caring for people suffering from such ailments. It has been agreed by many experts on the subject that residential stair lifts South Carolina are a good way to eliminate subsequent risks associated with such problems. Residential Stairlifts are not very costly and these are indeed very long term investment in raising the value of your house. So, if you are suffering from any of these, consult an expert on the matter and invest in a residential stair lifts South Carolina.

Article By: Charles Christian

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