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Getting students interested in any subject can be tough. However, today, the attention span of any child is likely to be at an all time low and with every single child being bombarded with information and demands for their attention from every direction, keeping their interest is likely to be trickier than ever.

Technology is likely to be both the cause and the solution to such a problem. The reason that both children and adults have an increasingly reduced attention span is due almost entirely to the internet, mobile phones and the range of media and technology around us at all times.

However, due to children’s love for technology of all types, simply utilising Apple in education could help to increase pupil interest more than ever before.
Our children are so used to interfacing with Apple products in their everyday lives that using Apple in education is likely to ensure that they are inspired to learn and actively wish to get involved, rather than finding them turning off after just a few minutes.

There is a double benefit in using the likes of an iPad for education. In the future, technology will drive almost all industries and without having the in-depth experience of utilising computers and other similar technological items, certain students may well end up being left behind when it is time for them to join the ‘real world.’

There are many ways in which using computers or an iPad for education can benefit children and not only are they likely to feel more comfortable when working with technology, but they are also simply likely to be able to learn in ways that they are more comfortable with. Such technology can also offer a far wider range of potential ways for kids to learn meaning that those who are wired differently to others will also have the best possible chance of success.

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Article By: Peter Fleming

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