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   Impacted Wisdom Teeth can be an extremely painful and difficult to deal with situation. It is that tooth that has not fully come out of the gums and its not emerging completely goes on to cause the trouble. This is why the best way to go about it is to have it extracted. Although, a visit to the dentist for advice on impacted wisdom teeth will let you know if that is the best option for you.

   Most of the times, the wisdom teeth are no problem in your mouth, but if they have got impacted then first of all you will need an x-ray to determine the exact position and if there is any swelling or infection taking root in the teeth.

   The next step is to ensure that if it is painless and not troubling you then you don’t need to extract it.

   The reason behind the impact tooth being so is the overcrowding in the jaw. If the jaw is small and there is no space for the teeth to emerge then you will be left with impacted wisdom teeth. This causes the teeth to angle at an unusual angle usually forward. The swelling and soreness that accompanies this can be a hindrance and limit the movements of your mouth. If the Impacted wisdom teeth are not taken care of by a dentist then it might result in constant pain in your mouth.

   The other thing that is caused by impacted wisdom teeth is bad breath. As the teeth are crowded in the mouth you won’t have a good enough way to reach all the hidden food particles on the teeth and this in turn goes on to cause bad breath. The gums and surrounding tissues can even get infected causing perpetual gum concerns. Therefore, it is important that the wisdom teeth be in the right position and completely emerged. Impacted Wisdom Teeth can become a harbinger of food particles and therefore tons of bacteria on it. it is a good idea to deal with Impacted wisdom teeth right away before they go ahead and cause any further problems in your mouth. They are bound to impact the other surrounding teeth and that will be harmful. It is usually assumed that if impacted wisdom teeth are not painful they will not cause any pain. But, that is not the case and it is a good idea for a dentist to rule all possibilities out.

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