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For several decades now hydroponic systems have been used throughout the world to grow all kinds of plants. As the world becomes a more crowded and overpopulated place it is anticipated that hydroponics will be used even more extensively. When you consider that growing hydroponically allows you to grow in a controlled environment this is not surprising. Increasingly, extremes of climate are causing issues for those that grow our food.

In addition, slowly but surely more and more arable land is being given over to other uses. These factors mean that increasingly we need the ability to grow food indoors. Using hydroponics is often the best way of doing this.

Who Are Using Hydroponic Systems?
Whilst the majority of hydroponics systems are still being used on a commercial basis who uses them is in fact changing. Until fairly recently it was only large commercial farmers could see the point of investing in such systems. Today even small businesses, whose core business is not necessarily farming, are investing in hydroponics.

Recent examples of this include restaurants, zoos and schools. All of these companies or organisations need a ready supply of fresh produce. Because they are able to grow plants inside using hydroponics they do not need vast tracts of land to grow their own food. Some zoos in the UK use hydroponics to grow fresh salads and other basic vegetables for their animals to eat.

In addition, there is increasing interest and demand coming from private individuals. People are increasingly concerned about the quality of their food and prefer to eat food that they know has been safely grown. A simple hydroponics system allows them to do so even when they have only limited space available.

Where are People Buying Their Hydroponic Systems?
Increasingly people are buying their hydroponic systems from the web. They are doing so because on the internet they can quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Most online retailers do not mind whether you want a huge system or small one. Many are happy to offer advice and support for beginners and sell systems in their component parts. This makes it easy for beginners to get started and for people to build systems that are tailored to their specific needs.

Hydro Hobby has a fantastic selection of hydroponic systems and components available on their website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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