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We often buy homes fully equipped with modern amenities, even those that we are quite unlikely to use until we become really old. At times, we also make the mistake of providing for temporary conditions with full blown investments. Stairlifts are among such things that are so affordable that very few among us will think long or hard before calling a vendor to come over and install one at our home, or pay a little extra on the price of the house that has a stairlift in it. But once the need has been satiated, we begin thinking of ways to get rid of the contraption or put it away at least temporarily until the next time we need it.

Putting It Away
Stair lifts are not wall paintings that you take off the wall and throw it away in a corner of your garage! Though manufacturers may speak highly of DIY type stairlift installation types, it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick and a ploy to make their wares more saleable. In some very rare cases, a person with a beginner’s knowledge of mechanical things may succeed in putting one together, but taking it apart is another story altogether and a hard task to accomplish. Too much force applied to these things may break them and make them unusable. The trick here is to hire someone from the stair lift shop.

Since stairlifts do not come in cardboard boxes or even if they do, no one actually keeps them safely for future use. So, ask your storage shop and get boxes that are made to store electronics. Pack all the electronics properly along with every plug, wire and part that you manage to get out of the stair lift. Wipe everything dry and clean, making sure not to keep any trace of any moisture because this may initiate the process of oxidation in metallic parts, or in simple English - the metal parts will begin rusting. Storing these products in proper boxes will also protect them from heavy things falling onto them and breaking the fragile Bakelite parts of the product.
Selling Unused Stair lifts

To some, it might be a better decision to sell these products right away as soon as their use has come to an end. It could actually be a better way to manage stuff in your house, because it has been commonly seen that keeping products stashed away in store rooms does not only reduce the value of the product due to age, but also makes them outdated as soon as manufactures come up with new features. Selling old stair lifts while they are new is a good decision and will get you a good sum.

One advantage that of doing this is that the next time you need new stairlifts, you can just buy the latest version! Or, you can save the money of buying a new one and use the one you stored years before and make a few modifications.

Article By: Sylvestor Cruz

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