How to pick up earrings according to face shape?

Home & Family Gift Ideas How to pick up earrings according to face shape?

Earrings and ear pins are wearing to the left and right side of the face. The face is the most compelling, so earrings, ear pins worn properly is very important. Worn properly, can make it beautiful women face, played even better;Otherwise, pretty face is affected, what is more, would appear bad feel.

Before wearing, please according to your face shape, hair, skin color, clothing and occupational factors, then take all those into consideration.

For individuality, predictable women: wear better than wearing earrings with ear nail;Ear nail produces far less exaggerated decoration effect of earrings.Most earrings will have a visual effect of widening the face, this is because the earrings to wear will make the observer's gaze swept across the entire face.
For thin faces or face narrower women: suitable for wearing earrings, earrings are decorations of their daily wear.Thin or narrow faces, wear appropriate earrings, can afford to cover the face of insufficient add beautiful effects.

Plump round face women: Please note you cannot wear that big, round button earrings, because this kind of earrings will enhance facial fullness feeling, makes more fat round face look more round. This face shape women may choose to wear earrings, jewellery, it can make people's vision is the wearer's face grew.Or both ears should be small and bright single grain of diamond ear studs, what with ear nail small size will not increase the width of the face;On the diamond glitter, easy to make people's eyes focused to the middle of the face, to narrow the face looks seem coordinated and appropriate.

For oblong face shapes women: cross decoration should pay attention to the right to increase the face when the Visual width of the Middle route, such as choosing a slightly larger area and dazzling inlaid with jade ear nail, or short, non-circular earrings, pendant, can produce larger ears, face after wearing wide, showing the Visual sense of mellow effect.Never selected Dai Dang ring, ring ring shake, the entire lower half of the face width, forming not very nice under the small triangle on the face.

Melon seed-shaped face of women (under this face shape is characterized by a round cut, or amount of jaw tips): decoration tips is to slightly increase the width of the lower jaw of the face, resulting in thin for the full visual effect.So, both wearing a flower-shaped ear pins, made people look serene elegance;Can also be worn-down simple ring-ring, make the person look lively and elegant.

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