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There are many different types of wood flooring, from solid wood to laminate to engineered wood flooring, and each will have different benefits and different drawbacks. It is often erroneously believed that only price really comes into play when choosing between such options when, in reality, everything from how you plan to lay the floor to where you plan to lay it can make a difference.

For instance, engineered wood flooring is great for those who wish to lay a floor directly over concrete or have wood floors in an area with excessive moisture. Then there is laminate, an option that is likely to be damaged more easily, both by water and by impact.

For anyone with no environmental concerns to take into account, the choice will usually fall between laminate and solid wood flooring. The latter is by far the most attractive option, but it can be much harder to install and therefore is likely to be a more costly option. Meanwhile, laminate is easy to lay but may not be suitable for those with a young family who may find that their floor is not treated as kindly as they might hope.
If the only consideration you have is price, laminate flooring will win and not only will you save money, but you will also be able to get it put down far quicker and with less hassle. However, for those who want the best possible look for a room and the highest possible quality, solid wood flooring will win hands down and once it has been put down, there is also far less that is likely to go wrong for you.

Ultimately, every type of wood flooring, as with any flooring solution, has advantages and disadvantages. It is simply a case of finding which option suits your own unique needs and preferences.

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