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Games and sport activities are quite vital in the growth and development of a child. The initial years are often the most crucial ones and during these years. This is the time when they discover new skills and appreciate the value of team work and other qualities that will help the kid find solutions to problems later in his life. Hence, it is very important that you let your kids play and enjoy time with their playmates and learn new skills on the field. Apart from that, there are some more advantages of letting the child fool around on the field, here are some.
Those simple sports that kids play are indeed very educative, they help them discover how to get around obstacles and coordinate with their pals in order to find better ways to circumnavigate their obstacles with their combined efforts that become sometimes necessary to find ways through complicated mazes or trails. Besides improving their physical skills, games also allow kids to deal with the emotional upheavals of victory and loss. It helps them build their moral character and develop leadership skills in some.
Letting kids make proper use of playground equipment does have other positive implications as well. Research has shown that during game play kids develop their sensory organs. Simple sports and physical activities challenge the nascent senses in the kid and fuel their curiosity. The human brain, which is an amazing piece of awesomeness, deals with the challenge and conceives ways to tackle it. The brain directs the limbs and sensory organs to move around and use existing skills or apply new ones that the kid might have seen or learned in some way from a peer or an elder. In the process, kid learns new things, comes across novel ideas and finds answers to questions.
Playground Equipment Safety Guidelines for Parents
Playground equipments are meant to be recreational, but at unfortunate times things can go wrong, and with kids involved, the chances of things going bad are significantly increased. This has been so frequent that those who are supposed to take care of such things have made extensive rules and guidelines that must be followed to ensure that kids remain safe on playground equipments, but rules are always either bent or flouted or sometimes plainly ignored. Since kids are kids, they won’t ever bother will all that, it must be the parent who has to take care of such things and take their children to playgrounds that are known to have been built in accordance with guidelines.
It is not essential to spend time learning all literature available on child playground safety; instead you can check out the following things in general to be sure that there are no imminent threats on the field:
1.     Risks of falling from heights more than a few feet (4 or 5 feet to be on the safe side)
2.     Placement of soft ground covers and cushions to break the fall in case the child falls
3.     Overall reliability of the structures installed in the playground
4.     Safety and maintenance of the equipments
5.     Presence of sharp things protruding dangerously
If things look good, let your child play and keep a watch over.
Most of these guidelines are very general in nature and mostly for children above the age of 12. To have a better knowledge over the matter, you might want to do your own research and refer to the government websites on school playground equipment and playground safety.

Article By: Peltan Scott

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