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Anyone who has had a child will tell you how quickly the years go. One minute your child is just learning to walk the next they are leaving school. Children have a lot to learn, but do so at an amazing rate.

When they are very young, the main way they learn is through playing rather than formal classes. Some of the games they play do not involve toys, but the majority of them do. The right toys can really make a difference to how quickly your child learns.

Children's Educational Toys
Many parents buy their children a variety of toys and you should not get carried away looking for educational toys. One way or another all toys are educational to some extent. Even playing with a set of cars and a garage encourages children to play imaginatively. Children who use their imagination explore what they have seen through the day. They also develop their creative skills. However, you should try to include at least some toys that have been developed specifically with education in mind.

Toys to Help Your Children Learn

There are several different kinds of toys that can help your children learn. Some are obviously educational, such as games that require children to solve problems. Books are another example. However, toys that are art and craft based are also educational. They help children to develop their artistic side, but also help with dexterity and are great for getting them to sit still and be patient. Children also learn to see projects through to the end. Manual puzzles are a great way of improving dexterity and giving kids the ability to look at a problem in more than one way.

One of the most popular categories of toys that teach is science and discovery toys. These toys are great fun and fascinating for children. Kids love horrible science projects such as making an eyeball. Growing their own crystals or stalagmites and stalactites is just as fascinating.
The important thing to remember is to buy toys your individual child will like. There is no point buying your child a book about how trains work if what they really like is planes or rockets.

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