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Buying gifts for children, especially if they are not your own, can prove a real challenge. You need to find something that is appropriate according to age, sex, and the likes and dislikes of the child in question. Galt Toys has been producing educational and fun toys for 175 years and their website offers handy guide to buying gifts for boys and girls. Educational toys certainly don't have to be boring and they can help the recipient develop essential skills that they will require throughout life.

Young babies and toddlers benefit from toys that help them develop their muscles. Bright colours and noise are especially popular but so too are reflective surfaces, different textures, and shapes. To babies, virtually everything is new and potentially exciting, and this usually means that their toys should be equally exciting and enjoyable too.


It may sound stereotypical but little girls generally love pink. They also love fairies and princesses, but don't be afraid to opt for cars and building blocks if that is what they prefer. For older girls, find out what they like doing and buy gifts accordingly. If the recipient loves to get her hands dirty then consider gardening or science kits because these are not only great fun but can be highly educational too.

Sticking to stereotypes, boys tend to prefer active toys and they definitely love their cars and anything mucky. Science kits are another great choice for the older boy and they are almost certain to love Horrible Science kits, virtually anything destructive, and toys that involve plenty of running around and making noise. Paper planes are still a very popular activity for young children and these encourage creativity and construction making them educational as well as exciting.

Always think about the individual that you are buying for when choosing gift items. Just because most boys like cars doesn't mean that the recipient you are shopping for will love their toy cars too. Don't be afraid to ask and remember that most kids are more than happy to tell people what they want for their birthday or as a gift so take advantage of this.

Visit the Galt Toys website to access hundreds of great gift ideas for boys and girls of any age. The toys are educational and encourage development while offering fun and exciting items to play with too.

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