Garage Flooring
The most common floor type in any garage is concrete. When it was installed it was probably seen as being a cost effective and efficient means of providing a strong and reasonably durable floor. In reality, though, it can give an ugly look while providing you with a cold and damp floor that is prone to cracking and collects dust. Choosing and installing new garage flooring can brighten up the room and it can provide the ideal base for turning what was once a car port into a multi functional room to benefit all family members.

The principle use of the garage is to store the car, but as space is at a premium in many peoples' homes and those that have garages tend to also have a driveway or some other form of off street parking you will find the garage being used more often as a storage room or even as a utility room. You would be equally as likely to find a washing machine or second freezer if you were to look in a garage as you would the family car.

Changing the flooring from concrete to a more modern material can help offer a much better finish. Concrete may have been practical when it was first laid but it will tend to make a room look and feel cold, as well as dark. One such solution is PVC interlocking tiles.
PVC interlocking tiles do not require any form of adhesive because they lock together which makes extremely simple to install. In a day you could be enjoying a bright and colourful, strong, and durable floor covering. What's more, the PVC tiles are sound proof, damp proof, and incredibly easy to clean. They also come with raised areas across the tiles giving grip to those that walk on it and to those that drive into the garage.

There are many colours to choose from so even if you are converting the garage into a room like a gym or even a pool room, you can install PVC tiles and reap the rewards. As well as grey and black you can opt for more striking colours such as red, blue, or white.

Visit to see their extensive range of garage flooring products including PVC interlocking tiles. You will also find beneficial and useful forms of garage storage to help convert your garage into any type of room you want.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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