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As families have grown and expanded, but found it difficult to expand their homes or too expensive to move to something larger, we have found that rooms like the garage have become an even more important part of the home. What was once used solely as car storage and a place to stuff the junk has become more of a multi-purpose utility room. Bikes, sports equipment, tools, freezers, washing machines, and various other items have a tendency to find their way in, requiring somewhere warm and comfortable to live.

This change in use means that we have to pay more and more attention to getting the best possible garage design for our needs. Consider the size of your own garage and the range of ways in which it is used. Garages can vary dramatically in size with various styles designed to hold one, two, three, or more cars at a time.

Another factor to consider is how weatherproof your garage is. If there's holes in the roof and damp and the wind continually find a way in then you will probably have to have these problems rectified before you consider adding new floors and creating a viable and hugely beneficial storage area for all of your items.
The flooring that you choose is important. Garages in most homes are concrete and while this can prove long lasting it is also cold and damp, not only in looks but in its very nature too. Patches of moss and other vegetation may even find a way through. PVC interlocking floor tiles, aluminium plate, and epoxy flooring are just some of the warmer and more inviting options that are open to you.

As well as the floor also consider your storage options. If you like to get under the bonnet and tinker with the car then you can have tool drawers and racks fitted. You can add wall storage and floor storage units too, which will further benefit you and provide you with suitable storage for a whole host of items. Remember to leave room for the second freezer, somewhere to feed the cats, and an area for the kids' bikes though.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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