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Furniture castors are one of those items we never really think about. Until that is it comes time to move that heavy sideboard or sofa. Furniture without castors is extremely difficult to move and if you have large pieces that do not include castors it is well worth considering fitting them.

Some people worry that furniture on castors will move too easily and are not sure that this is safe. However, you need not worry unless about it being accidentally knocked and moved unless that piece of furniture is located in a high traffic area. Even then, it is only a concern if someone running past is likely to knock into it. If this is the case, the answer is to fit lockable castors, which prevent the furniture from rolling or moving when knocked.

Types of Furniture Castors
There are several different kinds of furniture castors available. Buying the right kind is a good idea. It makes the piece of furniture far easier to move and look better if you buy the right kind of castors.

The main kinds are bed castors, double wheel castors, enclosed castors and brake castors. They come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. It is even possible to buy children's furniture castors, which are styled so that the cover over the top of the wheel looks like a hippo or other animal.

The other kind are sprung castors, which are designed to retract under load. However, these are really only designed for use under steps, so are rarely used in the home. Although in big houses with floor to ceiling libraries, they are sometimes used for the steps used to access the books.

Buying Furniture Castors
Regardless, of where you are planning to use your castors you need to ensure that you buy good quality castors. The best approach is to buy from a specialist supplier. Fortunately, some of the suppliers of furniture castors now sell to the public and do so via the web. They sell good quality products and are happy to advice customers about which castors to buy for which pieces of furniture.

For the best selection of  furniture castors go to the Castors Online website.

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