Frameless glass to create enclosures or barriers

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Frameless glass around the home, business, outdoor spaces or any other project, makes lasting impressions and perfectly complements the minimalist and modern look. There are different ways to use frameless glass as barriers or enclosures including balconies, staircases and banisters, showers, doors, doorways, walls and many others. A balcony balustrade made of frameless glass gives a contemporary look to any property and creates extra outdoor space that is not always available in flats or homes that are on the first floor or above.

Some homes have even converted the roof area into a balcony area and using frameless glass enclosing the balcony balustrade is not easily visible from the ground level. Frameless glass balcony balustrade creates a safe enclosure without impacting on the overall look of the property. The frameless glass must be toughened glass of a certain thickness and quality to pass certain health and safety regulations. Bespoke frameless glass balcony balustrades can be cut to exact shapes therefore any regular or irregular shaped building can look be fit with frameless glass balconies. Frameless glass balcony balustrades can either be made so they are freestanding or supported by stainless steel handrails. Freestanding frameless glass balustrades can be securely fixed into position with a customised steel shoe that is fitted to the edge of the balcony floor. To meet safety requirements, the frameless glass has to be a certain height and made of toughened glass. Free standing frameless glass balustrades provides a glass structure that allows a great view from the first floor or higher.

Frameless glass balustrades on open staircases provide both a safety and minimalist feature. The frameless glass is particularly useful for narrow hall ways that would benefit from a see through frameless glass balustrade and banister as the open plan feel will make the area seem larger. Bespoke frameless glass for walk in showers, shower rooms or shower enclosures can be cut to any shape or size to suit and fit your shower area perfectly.

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