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If you have children, holidays will be very important to you. They give everyone the chance to really relax, have a good time and reconnect.

Most families have their best memories from time spent together on a family holiday. The majority of parents want to create these great memories for their children. For them finding the right holiday is very important.

Choose Somewhere You Can All Relax
Key to everyone enjoying a holiday is choosing the right kind of accommodation. You can stay in a hotel, or bed and breakfast, but for most families this is not ideal. In this kind of accommodation, everyone has to be on his or her best behaviour. You have to watch the kids constantly, make sure they are quite and do not disturb the other guests. Far from ideal, it is much better to stay in private accommodation. Everyone has their own space and can really relax and enjoy themselves.

Make Sure There is plenty to do in the Area

It is important to look for somewhere that is close to a range of activities your family will enjoy. Having a choice of what to do is best. If it is raining one day, you can simply take the kids swimming instead, or to a play barn instead.

However, holidays are a chance for adventure and for families to find new things to do together. It is nice to have access to leisure activities you know you enjoy, but trying something different as well can also be great fun. Staying in a new environment, like on a farm, can in itself be good fun and can broaden your children's horizons. It gives them an insight into a different way of life.
However, it is important to remember that the holiday is not 100% about the kids. Looking for a holiday that offers a kids club and properly qualified babysitter is a good idea. It gives parents the chance to spend a little time relaxing together doing something special. The best holiday accommodation offers something for everyone, at an affordable price.

Gladwins Farm specialise in child friendly holidays. They have a heated pool, a kid's club, petting farm, play barn and great accommodation.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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