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Sadly, divorce is common place in the UK, with around 50 per cent of marriages ending in divorce. Divorce can be expensive, lengthy and, of course, extremely upsetting for all involved. Divorce requires the assistance of appropriately trained legal professionals who can guide you through the process and protect your interests and assets.
Divorce is unfortunately something that can happen at any stage of life. In fact, divorce rates among the over-60s are rising faster than any other age group as a combination of retirement, children flying the nest and long life expectancy force people to re-assess their relationships.
At any age, divorce is a stressful period in anyone’s life. A drawn out and expensive divorce is in no-one’s interest and more people are turning to ‘quickie’ divorces for a simple, cheap and fast divorce. A quickie divorce is ideal if you and your partner agree on the terms of the divorce and are not disputing asset allocation or custody. A quickie divorce guarantees no court appearances and minimal stress, leaving you free to start living your life again.
All divorces need to go through a prescribed legal procedure. In England and Wales, a divorce can only take place once you have been married a year and if the marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’. There are different grounds for divorce, all of which evidence that the marriage has broken down. A divorce can be initiated because of one partner’s adultery or unreasonable behaviour, a separation period which meets the law’s requirements or desertion. A common ground for divorce is unreasonable behaviour. The first stage in a divorce sees the petitioner apply for a Decree Nisi. After the Decree Nisi, an application is made for a Decree Absolute which will ultimately end the marriage permanently.
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