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The Trusted Solar Company provides solar systems that can be installed on your home. Not only will they save you money but, thanks to the current Feed-In Tariff scheme backed by the government, you can actually earn money for every single KWh of energy that your system produces. Not only have photovoltaic tiles, or PV tiles, improved in terms of their efficiency but they are less expensive and better looking than ever before.

The early days of solar systems for the home meant having cumbersome PV panels installed on the roof, only to find that they struggled to produce electricity in all but the most optimal of conditions. While it’s true that modern tiles will produce better results during the sunny months when there is less cloud cover, modern systems can produce electricity even when it is cloudy making them more efficient and more effective for your home electricity production needs.

A typical solar system can save you as much as £750 per annum. Not only do you save money when compared to paying for high electricity costs from your supplier but you receive money for every single KWh that is produced. This means that with the average cost of an installation you will make your money back in less than ten years and anything you make after that is pure profit.

The Feed-In Tariff is a government initiative to encourage homeowners to go solar. You are paid for every single KWh of electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself. The current rate is 21p per KWh that you produce and you receive all of this money whether you feed the surplus back into the grid or you use every single unit for your own needs.

All homeowners and individuals are being encouraged to do more for the environment. We are being pushed to reduce our CO2 emissions and minimise the size of our carbon footprint in any way possible. One effective method of doing this is through a solar energy system installed on our property that will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. You could save money and do your bit to protect the environment for future generations.

Contact the Trusted Solar Company to discuss your energy requirements and to receive a no obligation quote for having a full PV system installed.

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