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When it comes to jewellery, nothing is more important than an engagement ring. It is the ultimate symbol of love. As such, buying the right one is important.

Is a Diamond Engagement Ring Essential?

Traditionally, engagement rings are made from diamonds mounted on a variety of precious metals. Many believe that this tradition was started in 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. They were given because diamonds were rare and difficult to obtain. The giving of a diamond symbolised the lengths the man was prepared to go to look after his wife and please her. Gradually as diamonds became more common people once again turned to giving engagement rings that included other stones.
Today, an engagement ring can be made from any combination of precious or semi-precious stones you choose. Whilst diamonds are often included, giving a diamond engagement ring is no longer expected or necessary. This is fortunate because it provides the opportunity to truly personalise an engagement ring. It allows the giver to choose or design a ring that is a potent symbol of the special relationship and love the couple share.

Getting the Symbolism of an Engagement Ring Right

More and more people are choosing to give designer engagement rings rather than buying a readymade ring. They are doing so because they can tap into the imagination of the designer and give a ring that is relatively rare, to the person they love. This is important because it symbolises just how precious and special their love is.

The rings designers come up with are made out of unusual or rare metals and stones. If your fiancιe loves emeralds, an engagement ring featuring at least one emerald is ideal.
Designer rings often feature extra little details such as engraving on the inside. Again this adds to the specialness of the ring, which turns it into an even more potent symbol of love.

When designing a special ring like an engagement ring many designers will tap into legends, myths and cultural symbols of love, such as the love knot. This means that their rings are more potent symbols of love than regular engagement rings.

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