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Society is becoming increasingly bombarded with choices and goods targeting ways to improve the comforts and quality of life through physical, mental, social, and financial enhancement. With so many options now available, consumers are experiencing greater difficulty deciphering which products will yield desired results and the maximum benefits. As home becomes a necessary place for decompression and rejuvenation in a fast-paced world, a multiplicity of products has been developed to provide superior comforts to a broader population base. Electric floor heat is one such product that will contribute unseen luxury amidst the challenges of daily life. With many advantages over competing systems such as hydronic or hot water units, electric floor heat is both durable and efficient, versatile in application, and a safe yet luxurious alternative.

When compared to hydronic systems, electric floor heat outlasts and outperforms on many levels. Unlike hot water units, floors heated electrically require only one energy source, function with nearly 100% efficiency, and have a properly sized capacity for “Off Peak” conditions. Additionally, maintenance issues are simplified and necessitate less frequent checks. Electric floor heat is cost effective and flexible allowing for easy and economical installation and possible future expansion. In contrast, hydronic floor heat involves a need for structural modifications, fresh air vents, and additional square footage for system accommodations. Furthermore, its compatibility with a wide variety of floor coverings is limited. Other advantages of electric floor heat include the ability to be effectively applied to remodeling projects, large or small areas, and even retrofit into existing floors. Finally, the option to install floors heated electrically is especially appealing when health and safety concerns are considered. Electric floor heat emits no exhaust, requires no high pressure units, and nearly always functions at an environmentally friendly, low-voltage rate.

In addition to efficiency, durability is another attractive feature of radiant floor heat systems powered by electricity. Electric floor heat is efficient because it uses 100% of the energy drawn into the system to generate heat into the area in which it is installed. The heat emitted from the floors warms furniture and people positioned in the lower portions of the room; thus, allowing for lower thermostat settings and lower energy consumption. Heat is distributed evenly and consistently unlike forced air units from which the warm air entering a room through vents quickly rises, leaving objects and people below feeling cool and uncomfortable. With heated floors, warm temperatures are easily preserved, and amazingly, the heating elements themselves are easily maintained. Electric floor heat has no moving parts requiring routine upkeep and incorporates products backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Tested and improved since 1979, radiant heat systems are unmatched in precision, efficiency, and reliability.
Electric floor heat is marked by versatility, offering an assortment of installation methods and heating elements, and compatibility with a wide range of floor coverings. Trained professionals are ready and able to meet the needs of customers desiring a convenient, finished product. However, products created with “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts in mind are also available and come with clear instructions and valuable installation tips. Heated floors may be introduced into a new construction project, a remodeling undertaking, or even added to an existing floor space. Various heating elements, including easily installed mats, durable cables, and revolutionary, 1/16” thick mesh strips have been carefully developed to provide need-based satisfaction. A design professional evaluates the project, and the appropriate heating element is then applied with virtually no floor build-up. Furthermore, electric floor heat radiates effectively through all types of surfaces such as tile, marble or other stone, carpet, and hardwood floors. Its high-quality standard coupled with versatility and luxury yields superior appeal in any setting.

Ultimately, electric floor heat is prized for its safety performance and soothing results. Most heating elements operate at a low-voltage rate maintaining safety even when one steps out of the shower onto a moist bathroom floor. Furthermore, a computer system continuously monitors the heated area ensuring proper functioning of the entire unit as conditions change within the home. This computer operated system not only provides safety, but also convenience with options to set timed, heating periods and program desired temperatures. Imagine the luxury of offsetting the unpleasant blare of a morning alarm with pre-heated floors, cozy to the first touch of the feet. With safe, long-lasting, and outstanding results, electric floor heat can transform dreams of being enveloped in sun-like warmth into a reality without ever stepping outside.

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