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   So, youíve looked through brochures and seen what the TV chefs use. Youíve decided on colours and know exactly what your kitchen layout is going to be. Maybe your budget doesnít run to a whole new kitchen, and youíve just decided to go for some new kitchen doors to freshen the place up and make it look like new. What you shouldnít do, after going to all that effort, is reuse the old accessories on your new kitchen doors or cabinets. It might seem like you can save a few pounds by not buying new fittings, but itís a false economy Ė the new doors will instantly look old and cheap and youíll have lost any benefits you thought youíd gained. Accessories finish off your kitchen, regardless of whether itís all brand new or you have just replaced the doors, so for this article Iím going to look at some of those and see what is available to you.

Handles & Knobs

   Almost all cupboard and drawer doors have handles and knobs of some sort, unless youíve gone for those fancy Ďpush to opení ones. If you are minded to, you can go down to your local hardware store and pick up something in stainless steel or wood, but have you really looked at what is available out there? There is far more choice than you can possibly imagine, and itís all there for the taking. You can find handles and knobs in almost any material, from wood to metal to plastic, and in all sorts of shapes and finishes Ė rounded, squared off, smooth finish, rough finish, patterns, polished, matt, the choice is yours. There is no need to spend a fortune on these either; you can get some very striking designs for very reasonable prices.


   Even if you have left your old kitchen in place and only replaced the doors, thereís no reason you canít change the worktop at the same time and it actually makes a lot of sense to do so if youíve changed the style of the doors because you can make the worktop match. If you donít, the cupboards and worktop can clash and the whole thing will just look wrong. As with the handles, donít restrict yourself to what you see in your local stores Ė have a look at online stores and investigate different materials and finishes. Metal is cold and clinical but looks good in a modern kitchen, vinyl wrapped wood comes in a variety of colours and is easy to maintain, while solid wood requires work to keep on top of but makes a good kitchen look great. Go for something that matches your flooring if you want to draw attention to your new kitchen doors.

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