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Wood, Glass and wood laminates are not the only materials available in the market. Ask your dealer for the variety that he has available, and ask him which will best suit your requirements. And read on to be well prepared to take on your dealerís expert sales talk.

Leather: Suitable for cold climatic conditions, leather offers a class not available to other forms of furniture. Restricted mainly to living room furniture, leather gives a royal look that is smart modern and long lasting as well. Again a word of caution for those with small children Ė leather furniture is very prone to damage by the likes of blades and knives. A cut with your kidís play scissors would cost you fairly dear to repair, besides ruining the overall look of your sofa or chair. This is why you will generally find leather furniture at offices, or in the homes of people with grown up children.

Wrought Iron Furniture: Wrought iron is a material that has sturdiness built in along with the surety of a long life. After all, there is nothing stronger that metal. Though the material used in wrought iron is cast iron, which is a rather crudely refined form of the metal and fairly brittle, its strength is more than adequate for your household requirements. Donít throw it around, however, or you may find yourself making a trip to the welder shop. There also you will have to look for a gas welder as cast iron does not lend itself to ordinary oxyacetylene welding.
Cane Furniture: A good alternative to normal heavy furniture is cane furniture. Available in a variety of designs and shapes, it is a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a decent, cheap alternative. While it may not offer the long life and sturdiness of Amish oak furniture, it is worth investing in if you are looking to change your furniture after a couple of years. Be careful of jutting nails and bang them right back in before they ruin your favorite dress. You could even add a cushion to avoid this eventuality. Cushions are available to suit all kinds of tastes and color combinations, and generally go well with a cane furniture set. Being hand made, cane furniture invariably has some rough edges, as well as the edges tend to chip off after a while, so adding a cushion is actually more of a necessity. Use hand painted cloth covers to add a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Bamboo: This is a relatively less used form of furniture that has the advantage of immediately drawing attention to your choice. Like Amish made furniture, bamboo furniture is also hand made, and is thus an exclusive piece from the word go. Unlike Amish furniture, however, it will not just fit in anywhere, as by its very nature it is bulky and requires large spaces to give an admirable look. If you are short of space, then bamboo furniture is definitely not for you.

So go ahead and make your decision. Whatever you may decide, make sure you have done adequate market survey before you spend your hard-earned money. That is the way to get the best bargain.

The author is an expert in home improvement techniques. How you maintain your dining furniture speaks a lot about you. You can buy Amish handcrafted furniture for that royal look. For better prices visit wholesale Amish furniture dealers.
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