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Thinking of taking your dog on holiday? Try dog friendly holiday cottages. Why exactly would you need dog friendly holiday cottages? For one maybe you don’t like having to leave your dog all along while you go on holiday. Leaving the poor animal all alone besides whoever comes to feed and walk it can be quite cruel in a way, as your dog loves you and being separated from you can seriously make it depressed.

 The reason for needing specific dog friendly holiday cottages is that sometimes those renting the cottage may not like the idea of having an animal in their home because of allergies or the potential for mess that may or may not get cleaned up. Specific dog friendly holiday cottages are available because the owners of the cottage have pets themselves or are okay with having dogs in their home, but never presume a cottage owner is okay with you bringing a dog unless they specifically allow it when discussing the terms of rental with you. In terms of cost dog friendly holiday cottages don’t cost more than regular cottage rentals, but cottage rentals in general are highly variable for a number of reasons anyway, so I cannot accurate predict the cost of dog friendly holiday cottages.

The great thing about the locations of dog friendly holiday cottages is that they’re often quite rural, as cottages generally aren’t situated in built up areas and the like. If you want to walk the Yorkshire moors or enjoy the Devonshire coast, there are dog friendly holiday cottages in those areas and more around the country. If you want something a little more exotic there must be a few dog friendly holiday cottages abroad too, if you fancy heading to Europe for your summer holiday this year. When trying to book dog friendly holiday cottages, try checking online for rental sites for the broadest range of dog friendly holiday cottages available. If you spot a cottage you like but aren’t specific about allowing pets, be sure to ask just to make sure that it’s okay to bring your dog with you.
Don’t leave your pooch behind when you go on holiday this year. Thanks to the Pet Friendly Cottage Company you can find dog friendly holiday cottages and all go together!

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