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Generations of artists have created a treasure trove of violets for us to discover in botanical drawings, gracing teacups and teapots, hand painted on dishes and vases, pictured on antique penny postcards, embroidered on linens the list is endless. Expanding our love of violets to the world of antiques and collectibles can provide us with many additional joys and can fill our living and work spaces with an array of ever fresh, ever colorful violets.

Clear Spheres are beautiful when used in glass Modern Vases with floral arrangements. If you want floral arrangements to last for several days, add extra water in the bottom of the vase to prolong the life of the flowers and the clear spheres.

Add glitter, ornaments, tinsel or confetti to the spheres for a fun, festive look. Just be sure to not use anything like jingle bells that could rust as the Clear Spheres dehydrate and release water.
Sprigs of holly berries or evergreens are also very festive. You can use live branches or fake ones. Just make sure to use plastic stems, as wire can rust in the water.

Hydrate Insta Snow in votive holders and other glass candle decorations. Mix cranberries, confetti, small ornaments etc into the snow for extra fun.

To color the snow, dissolve a True Color Mixing Tablet in water. Pour the colored water on the snow to hydrate. To make darker specks inside the colored snow, mix a few drops of the same color of food coloring into the snow. The food coloring globs in the snow and makes flecks.

The Insta-Snow will sink into the feet of the soda bottle and form a star. Run warm water over the outside of the bottle to loosen the ice. Place the Insta-Snow star on a plate, outside in the snow or cold or float in water.
Add a votive or LED light on top. If using an LED light, first place a lit votive candle on top of the ice to melt a small indentation in the ice to hold the light. The Insta-Snow stars will melt much faster with lit votives.

If using your Insta-Snow Star on a plate or flat surface, sprinkle hydrated Insta-Snow around it for a totally different look. For more details

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