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Unlike new homes which need to confirm to building regulations, many older homes have problems with rising or penetrating damp and will need a course of damp proofing to solve the problem.

There are a variety of different ways in which a damp proofing course can be administered to your home. Depending on the problem your home may need a certain type of damp proofing treatment, but if the damage is so bad it may require a combination of different treatments.

If a house is built correctly damp should never actually occur, so much so that nearly every case of rising or penetrating damp that is detected can be properly diagnosed. The most common treatment is that of a water based silicone injection. Holes are drilled at pre-determined intervals in your properties internal and external walls and they are then injected with the water based silicone injection. The silicone will line your walls, therefore basically securing them from any water that may be present. This is a very effective damp proofing treatment, a treatment that is favoured by many damp proofing specialists.

Another form of damp proofing treatment is structural waterproofing. This is done by the application of a specially formulated membrane to the affected floors and walls which will protect them from any internal damp. Any excess damp will stay between the wall and the back of the damp proofing membrane which will then run away down a drain.

Whatever your damp proofing problem is, it is best to get a qualified damp proofing expert to come and inspect your property and carry out a full survey. There are treatments available that you can buy and administer yourself, but if not done correctly could cost you more money in the long term.

If you are looking for a damp proofing expert in your area you shouldn't have too many problems in locating a fully qualified engineer. Local newspapers often carry adverts, as do shop windows. The internet is also a great place to find a damp proofing expert, or you could try asking your next door neighbours as they may be able to recommend someone to you as they have had a similar problem in the past. The answer to your problems is just a phone call way.

Contact the London Home Counties website if you are after help and advice with damp proofing.

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