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Choosing pet food needs a great deal more consideration than many people realise, and choosing food based on your own pet’s age, size and needs can make a surprising difference.

Whether you have house cats that needs specific vitamins and minerals they might be lacking from not being exposed to the outside, or whether you have an older pet who will need far more focussed nutrition to keep them healthy for as long as possible, there is rarely a one-size fits all solution to pet food, no matter what certain brands might have you believe.

The food you choose will have a major impact on how healthy and happy your pet is as well as how likely they are to have the energy they need to go out and enjoy themselves and in turn stay fit.
When looking at buying any type of animal food, always do some research first. Whilst many pet owners will simply opt for a high street name, by taking the time to use dedicated animal food sites, you are likely to find a whole array of different foods that are more suitable for your own unique animal.

Whilst the effects of bad food might not be instantly noticeable, by the time the damage is done it may be too late to effectively reverse all the negative problems that have been caused. As such, always look to see what recommendations the food you buy has from veterinary associations, and always try to avoid any makes of food that carry too many ‘fillers.’ The best food will often end up tasting better too, so be wary of foods your cat dislikes.

Furthermore, try to limit treats. Even nutritionally focussed animal treats are merely a reward for your animal, and should not be considered a replacement for proper food. Always try to make sure your animals eat balanced meals, and only offer treats as an added bonus.

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