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Heres how to choose Custom Design Furniture and love it...

1. Find a Craftsperson which Suits You

I could not believe it. A couple had a special request for their piece of furniture but the manufacturer said NO...

I being a Master Craftsman who understood the simple and complex facts about working with timber.

The couple's request was not difficult but it was different from our normal manufacture processes.

I knew it could be easily done but the couple had to rely on the experience of the manufacturer.

I was disappointed because that special little extra would be the difference between ordinary furniture and an unique original piece of furniture for them.

It was their special piece of furniture they deserved to have the joy of their unique extra which they wanted.

My destiny at that point was to discover a revolutionary process to deliver the piece of furniture which was that couples ultimate desire.

No, I could never change that couples piece I wish I could have - but thanks to their request I can now help you discover a piece of furniture which is magic for you and just right.

Furniture Designer/Mastercraftsman
Important Step 1. Custom Design Furniture Choose a Craftsperson and Team you can trust.

I have spoken to many people who had a particular design they wanted... but could not find a craftperson to make their custom design furniture.

The piece they wanted was very specific and beautiful piece of furniture with a certain design and timber.

The craftsperson was more interested in selling them a piece that was already made not in making a piece the customer wanted - I thought it was called custom design furniture not I make what I want furniture.

They say in the first 10 seconds we meet someone we will determine how we feel about them if we can trust them ... If you do not connect with that person they are not usually prepared to listen to what you want exactly then you will never get what you really want in Custom Design Furniture.

So search for a craftsperson who you connect with, trust and believe will use the best materials for your Custom Design Furniture piece to last a lifetime.

2. Know What You Like

Seems simple yes! Before you sit and talk with a craftsperson - Have a good idea of what you like and what you dont like none of these questions below are right or wrong just something to think about and discuss with your partner that way you won't have any arguments because you will each know what the other likes:-

Do you like light coloured timber? Do you like dark coloured timber? Do you like furniture that is fussy with lots of mouldings and shapes in the timber? Do you like furniture that is not fussy with slim lines? Do you like furniture that will not collect dust? Do you like chunky timber? Do you like Brown, Red, Yellow colours? Do you like a High Gloss level (so it is shiny)? Do you like a Matt Gloss level (so it is natural)?

Wait! I didn't realise there was so many question. Trust and believe in yourself - so often we choose things because the sales person personally thinks that is best - instead of you choosing what you feel is the best for you. You can do it!

3. Custom Design Furniture Takes Time

With Custom Design Furniture you can have exactly what you want. Imagine! what your family and friends will say when you say "Yes I had that custom made. It took time but look ... it is so worth it".

I could fit everything in just where I wanted it.

I didn't put anything into my entertainment unit for 3 days I just sat and admired it!

Jody - Brisbane Australia

I took the afternoon off work because its not every day you get your Dining Table delivered. Its beautiful!

David - Brisbane Australia

When you have spent weeks creating a piece of furniture it is so worth the effort and time getting it just right - when you hear customers say things like that.

I believe that is one of the reasons craftspeople continue - job satisfaction. Changing the World One Piece at a Time... Knowing this piece of furniture will be enjoyed for many years and probably generations.

What can I expect to pay? An example would be a complex entertainment unit will take about a month to create. From rough sawn timber, planning, clamping, joining, gluing, assembling, sanding, spraying, final fitting, and putting the door handles on. 1 person 20 working days x 8 hours a day = 160 hours. 160 hours x $100 per hour = $16000. OR 160 hours x $50 per hour = $8000. This is depending on the hourly rate for the craftsperson.

So for the labour only on a complex entertainment unit would be between $8000 and $16000 plus the materials and overhead costs (taxes, phones, electricity, etc).

Some timber costs like Pine $2500 for a cubic metre (metre by a metre by a metre) Other timber costs like Teak $16000 for a cubic metre.

So depending on what you like will also look at how much your Custom Design Furniture will cost.

Timber Costs? Its also interesting to look at the different grades of timber if you want to choose 'A' grade timber it usually has no knots and is clear to look at - it is more expensive than. e.g.'C' grade timber which has knots every 400mm and is less quality grain.

Hardware Costs? Another interesting component is the hardware of the unit often not seen but very important for example some door hinges are very good quality and will last and last they usually have a lifetime warranty and you pay a little more but you can expect a door not to fall off. Cheaper versions are available but do not have the same lasting quality and often work well for a while then the doors droop and sag and will need replacing to keep the piece of furniture looking good in the future.

Guarantee? If a craftsperson guarantees their work they will also often show you the warranty of the hardware. Quality through and through.

Why Choose Custom Design Furniture? Because now you can have furniture exactly as you want it... No one telling you "Sorry you carn't have it that way!"

Because Now you have the options you can choose your Dream Piece of Furniture.

Thats where Furniture-Design-Online can help. We will give you the keys to help you understand just what it is you really want. Custom Design Furniture gives you the options that are endless.

Exciting? Yes!

When asked what do you do?
say Tranform Blank Walls into Beautiful Masterpieces and Make Furniture Deams Come True.

Furniture Design Coach

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