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There are many advantages to owning a snow thrower. You can find one that will be perfect to help you clear the driveway quickly next time there is a heavy snowfall.

Should You Get A Snow Thrower?

These neat pieces of kit can be a godsend in winter, making short work of removing the snow that blocks the access to your home and therefore allowing you to stay nice and toasty indoors for longer! While the city and state administration take care of removing the snow public roads, the responsibility is all yours when it comes to your property so you may have to brave the arctic weather to clear the footpath to your door and the driveway. This is traditionally the men’s job to sort out. A power tool like the snow thrower can be the difference between hours of punishing, back-breaking physical efforts and getting it all done very quickly.
Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Snow throwers, usually powered by a gas two-stroke engine, can be either single stage or two-stage. Both kinds feature a metallic or plastic trepan designed to cut through the snow or ice. Sometimes it can even be made of hard rubber. The machine features a series of gears that will drive the trepan to break off, gather and then blow the snow out of the way with impressive strength and velocity. The spinning trepan, or auger, contributes to propelling the thrower by being in contact with the ground, and pulling the machine forward as a result. A single-stage blower can usually cope with clearing between 12 and 22 inches of snow with each pass. You will most likely need several passes to rid your driveway of snow so these are usually only recommended for light residential usage.

What’s In A Two-Stage Thrower?

In addition to the trepan or auger, a two-stage thrower also features a pump, which makes the machine a lot more efficient by propelling the snow pumped up into the thrower much farther away. Sometime they can throw the snow gathered as far as 45 feet away, which can act as a magnet for all the kids in the neighborhood, so you should make sure they stand well away from the place the snow is going to land. A two-stage thrower is so powerful that it will make short work of any snow clearing job you can think of, and you may even have quite a bit of fun in the process! In a single pass your double-stage machine will be able to clear a width of snow of between 2 and 3 feet, so you should be back inside in no time at all.
Making Snow Removal Easier

- If this is allowed by your local authorities, you may be allowed to sprinkle salt onto it to ease up the process. Always check before going ahead to make sure you are complying with local regulations.
- Think layers! When going out in very cold weather to clear the driveway after a snowfall, try to wear several layers of clothing: you will be better insulated against the cold and able to work more comfortably.
- Be extremely careful when walking out on the snow or ice to clear the driveway as it is easy to fall and sustain serious injuries as a result: shoes with added grip may be a worthwhile consideration.

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